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Alert! How will your business run if social networks shut down for 24 hours or more?

We know you love social networks, but can you handle the pain if the social networks suddenly shut down for 24 hours?

How will your business operate or survive if its livelihood depends on social networks?

A case study is Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp which, shut down for about 6 hours on the 4th of October 2021.

No one expected this to happen, but the reality is that life happens and, you need to prepare ahead before it happens to you.

Sales and operation via social networks got paused and, no one could do a thing about this. But clever businesses that had a website were able to continue their business successfully.

Online shoppers could easily access them via their website and get what they need.

Act like clever businesses today! Consider getting a website for your business and redirect buyers to your online store.

Your business operation should not stop even if the social networks go on a short break.

Kindly talk to us today about setting up one. Call or WhatsApp 08023250782

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