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Website Development


Often times we believe that we need to work HARD😕 to make those profits/sales. No doubt working hard is good but have you tried working smartly😁 and making sales🥳 from anywhere in the world at your convenien...

Website Development

Concerned about your website maintenance?

As a business owner having a website isn’t the end. A successful website has to be properly maintained so it doesn’t become stale, ranks poorly in search engines, or vulnerable to cyber-attacks. ...

Business Tips

What struggling businesses didn’t know about a successful business.

In a global market occupied by businesses, how can your business survive, stay away from potentially harmful mistakes and stand out to be successful? Businesses struggling now didn’t consider to know a...

Business Tips

How to increase sales for your business.

As a business owner in the modern market, your utmost priority now would be how to increase sales before the year ends. Sometimes it looks tough, and you somehow wondered how some other businesses were a...

site health
Website Development

What’s the state of your website health?

Your website is more like a vehicle. There are safety precautions you need to consider if you want it to remain useful and functional. You can request a free website health check from us at STAY MEDIA today.

Website Development

Have you secured your website content?

Your website’s content does matter, it took you many years to compile such information 🤭, and you should protect it from cyber-attacks. When your website is insecure, it is vulnerable to cyber attacks ...